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The Ladies of Parks and Recreation

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My new skit is sexy, funny, AND educational!


Elephant in the room

When you have a section with only 7-8 people and no one’s talking…it gets so awkward that eventually the TA has to break the ice. The problem was, she had to break it all the time until it got to the point that she started breaking down a little. I came in 15 minutes late and yet I was the only person answering her questions. Those questions required just reflecting about yourself and yet no one was willing to talk. During my 4 years here, I’ve never been in a section where the awkward silence made the TA cry and feel like shit. It was like a slap in the face for her because she’s not even getting paid for this. Later on, some of them apologized and said they just either feel weird, never had a section this small, don’t usually talk in class and is just used to be lectured. I think what’s even more sad was that after class ended, some of them started laughing as we all walked towards our bikes…


And in that moment Bubbles became 200x more badass than ever.

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Emilia Clarke 

InStyle UK - April 2014

Makeup - Kate Lee / Starworks Artists


Cobie Smulders 

SELF Magazine - April 2014

Photographer - David Gubert

Makeup - Molly R. Stern / Starworks Artists


collections that are raw as fuck zuhair murad pre-fall 2014

need them all

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